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Back Office Automation For Last Mile Logistics

Our software optimizes routes, chats with consumers and manages drivers in real-time. All autonomously!
Cut your customer support costs by up to 70%, while providing a superior customer experience!

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Jenny benefits your top & bottom lines


Cut Costs

through optimizing routes to save gas and driver time, reducing missed deliveries, cutting manual route planning times and lower load on customer support agents

Increase Sales

and elevate your post-purchase experience by coordinating all deliveries, providing real-time ETA updates, gathering feedback and promoting repeat purchase

The things Jenny can do for you


Optimize your routes

  • Maximize efficiency with up to 40% shorter routes. Optimize based on time windows, stop durations, vehicle capacities & types, and more.
  • Leverage our integrated optimization engine from ROUTIFIC or integrate with any existing route optimization service.

Coordinate with recipients

  • Jenny contacts recipients over SMS or Facebook Messenger and finds out who will be home to accept the delivery.
  • She uses chat to agree on delivery day/time and collect special delivery instructions.
  • Jenny continuously re-optimizes the routes based on responses from recipients.

Dispatch routes to drivers

  • Drivers can use our convenient mobile web app to keep track and report deliveries, and receive last-minute updates to routes or delivery instructions.
  • Alternatively, we can integrate with your existing driver app to keep drivers updated and productive.

Close the loop with recipients

  • Driver progress updates: Drivers’ progress is tracked and recipients are automatically notified when the driver is close-by or running late.
  • Last-minute changes and updates: Jenny notifies drivers regarding last minute changes or instructions from recipients.
  • Feedback & promotions: Jenny confirms delivery, collects feedback and promotes repeat-purchase with retailer.

Continuously optimize your performance

  • Improve “on-time” performance: Jenny uses the accumulated data to increase your on-time rate by custom-fitting your time-window allocation model.
  • Offer shorter time-windows: Jenny uses her time-window algorithm magic to enable you to offer customers shorter time-windows without hurting your on-time rate!
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Jenny is currently working on live deliveries with select retailers and delivery operations from various delivery verticals like 2-man, parcel and grocery delivery.
Thanks so much. Comms good
and the guys were great.
JL, Sydney, Australia.
Fantastic! The delivery services was great,
the texts letting us know timing were the best.
AP, Lane Cove, Australia.
Put Jenny’s optimization
and AI super-powers to work for your business!
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How it all started

It started with a laptop in 2015.
Ziv, our CEO, ordered a laptop on Amazon just days before moving from the US back to his home country, Israel. Despite a hefty expedited shipping fee, one of the most respected shipping companies managed to miss him at home several times. The amount of time and effort it took to locate and reach the right customer support agent to get the laptop in time for the flight, convinced Ziv that there has to be a better way. When he met Yoav a few months later, was born.

Our Team

Ziv Fass
Co-Founder & CEO
  • 15+ years of experience in product management, marketing and biz dev at Microsoft/Skype and Silicon Valley start-up (US)
  • MBA, Wharton School of Business University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Loves to find magical solutions to complicated problems and foster people around him to do the same
Yoav Sadeh
Co-Founder & CTO
  • 15+years of experience in software development and R&D management at startups and larger corporations
  • Last position as CTO of a growing startup, drove platform from concept to award winning mobile service and built the dev team from scratch.
  • Loves to build software that scales and grow teams that do the same.
Joseph Ben Moshe
Business Development
Rotem Perets
Full Stack Developer
Ayal Weissman
Algorithms Developer
Daniel Better
Back End Developer

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